Season-8 – Bhagavad Gita Ch3 Part-10

Season8 starts with this lecture. Summary of chapter3 karma yoga discussed so far.

Wealth does indeed bring happiness!!

“He is a poor man whose only wealth is Money” – Anonymous

I came across this profound saying on the internet a couple days ago and it made me wonder a lot about wealth.  Anything that has Value, both tangible and intangible, should come under the category of wealth. The value of wealth is in its ability to bring happiness. Just money alone as wealth brings us comfort but seldom real happiness. So what is missing in our understanding of wealth?

In Indian traditions, wealth is categorized into eight forms (Ashtaishwarya). Each form of wealth presided over by a form of the divine Mother Lakshmi ( Ashta- Lakshmi).

Form of Lakshmi Form of Wealth
धन लक्ष्मी –      Dhana Lakshmi  Money, Gold, precious stones…
धाय्न्य लक्ष्मी – DhAnya Lakshmi  Health, Grains, food, well-being…
आदि लक्ष्मी –    Adi Lakshmi Agricultural lands, properties…
 गज लक्ष्मी –      Gaja Lakshmi Cattle, horses, vehicles…
विजय लक्ष्मी –   Vijaya Lakshmi Victory, power, employees, subordinates, followers…
विद्या लक्ष्मी –   Vidya Lakshmi Knowledge, intelligence, comprehension, power of speech…
संतान लक्ष्मी –   Santana Lakshmi Family, kids, relatives, friends, relationships…
धैर्य लक्ष्मी – Dhairya Lakshmi Bravery, courage, entrepreneurial spirit…

When defined broadly both in terms of tangibles like money, gold, property etc.,  and intangibles like knowledge, courage, friendships etc., real wealth is more an Ashtaishwarya, a diversified form of everything that is valuable to our lives. Money being only one of them. This Ashtaishwarya is the wealth that brings happiness. When narrowly defined as money alone, it most often than not destroys other forms of wealth, especially relationships, peace,  health and well-being. We have seen happy people destroy all their other wealth for the singular pursuit of money. Let us all take time to recognize the richness we may already possess but hardly notice! Let us not impoverish our lives by narrowly defining wealth as money alone and blinding ourselves to all other wealth that is even more valuable. Let us pursue wealth in all its eight forms so that we can make our lives truly rich. Who says wealth cannot bring  happiness….ofcourse it can,  just don’t define it narrowly as money alone. Wake up and notice!!


Season-7 Finale – Bhagavad Gita Ch3 Part-9

This is the final lecture of Season7.

Season-7 Bhagavad Gita Ch3 Part-8

This lecture discusses how Yajna came into being as a mandatory give-n-take relationship between man and divine forces of Nature

Season-7 Bhagavad Gita Ch3 Part-7

In this class, we discuss what exactly constitutes Yajna and how that differentiates Indian traditions from Religions (faiths) -

Season7:Bhagavad Gita Ch3 part-6

In this class, the concept of Yajna as the core of vedantic tradition is introduced -

Season7:Bhagavad Gita Ch3 part-5

In this Class we study the cultural context of the concept of Yajna. We go deep into the differences between Religion and Traditions. Understand how traditions view actions.

Season7:Bhagavad Gita Ch3 part-4

In this class we continue the study of Karma Yoga. We learn about how Actions are default not inactivity. We brush upon the concept of Yajna. In the last part of the lecture, we look at what differentiates a Religion from Traditions.

ALAKH2011: Remembering Indian Revolutionaries

The narrative of Indian Freedom struggle is singularly dominated by this notion that Indian Freedom was achieved by non-violent political dialogue. The fact remains that the political dialogue was an escape route for the British as colonialism was turning too costly due to Indian Revolutionaries. Innumerable martyrs have fought their battles and have made Freedom possible. The Indian state has just shunned their memory for the Gandhian grand narrative. ALAKH2011 is definitely a welcome attempt to tell the real story of freedom struggle, the innumerable lives that were sacrificed for posterity to enjoy the fruits. This is a must watch!!

Season7: Bhagavad Gita Ch3 part3

Comprehensive Theory of Karma -

In this class we study, in depth, the theory of Karma. The complex interplay of Fate, human effort and Human Nature is examined.

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